Stack Monitoring – Tribo-Electric Method

The PFM 02 V is a highly sensitive system for continuous monitoring of dust emissions. Thereby a qualitative monitoring of the exhaust gas is done. For that matter the measuring gas in the exhaust gas flow is gathered by means of the probe rod. By the passing as well as impinging dust particles a charge exchange takes place between these and the probe rod. From the discharged current a signal is generated which depends on the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the dust. The dust-proportional signal which is generated by the microcontroller integrated in the device is the degree for the dust content of the exhaust.


  • Display showing the measured value in mg/m³
  • The measurement is carried out via the tribo-electric measuring method.
  • Compact device consisting of probe and operating unit
  • Variable application possibilities through probe rod modification
  • Local diagnosis of system state by integrated graphic display
  • Real-time display with line diagram or in text mode with display in % or mg/m³

The PFM 13 is a highly sensitive system for continuous, tribo-electric in-situ filter monitoring. Thereby a qualitative monitoring of the exhaust gas is done. Depending on the configuration of the device it can be used as a filter monitoring device as well as a dust measuring device.

Main Features:

  • Dust Measurement And Filter Monitoring With One Compact Device
  • Local Diagnosis Of System State By Integrated Graphic Display
  • No Separate Power Supply Necessary (2-Wire Transmitter)
  • No Purge Air Blower Required
  • Low Operational Costs &Easy Mounting
  • First-Class Price-Performance Ratio