The Radar Level Transmitter is designed specifically for medium/long range measurement of all kinds of power, particle and bulk solids

    • 2-wire compact transmitter
    • High Accuracy
    • High pressure
    • High temperature range
    • Wide range of probes
    • Extremely low dead band
    • Rod or cable probes
    • Plug-in graphic display module
    • Explosion-proof models
    • Plastic, aluminium or stainless steel housing
    • ATEX, IEC Ex,

Application: Level, distance or volume measurement, Liquids, powders, granules, narrow vessels, heavy industrial applications, tank level measurement.


    • 4-wire compact transmitter
    • Non-contact level metering
    • Fully temperature compensated
    • Secondary lightning protection
    • PP, or aluminum transducers with PVC foam
    • Plug-in display module
    • Plastic or aluminum housing
    • HART communication
    • Dust Ex version

Application:  solids & liquid particles level, volume or weight calculation and display, tank level measurement.