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Best Industrial Instrumentations

It is measured using tribo-electric technique on various applications like
flue gas ducts, filter bag leak detection etc,.

Compact design, support of high performance nitrogen generators
and hydrogen generators for analytical laboratories

“SENSYNC INSTRUMENTS PVT LTD” for measurement and control  Instruments ranging from Environmental and emission monitoring, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, velocity, level, HVAC, safety and laboratory instruments.



Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

We Offer Continues Emission & Process Monitoring with various state of art technology with various accurate measurements of gases and dust with high accuracy, quick response, cost effective and multi-channel options.among our variety of gas monitoring equipment’s.

Monitoring parameters such as PM, HCl, HF, NH3, SO2, CO,O2, CO2,NOx,VOC,etc;

Direct Measurement of pollutant concentration.

Portables for Continious Emission

Our Industrial gas analyser in your hand avalible in various configuration and compact, lightweight, fast responding perfect for mobile job on site testing.

Our mobile dust monitors design as portable case, easy and safe handling of the complete system, immediate monitoring of the clean gas dust content after filter systems. comfortable measuring design by variable length of the probe rod, offline power supply by power bank and easy mounting.

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System

AAQMS all in one Air Quality Monitoring Solutions designed and manufactured for continuous gas and dust ( PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 10 ) measurement with high precision, accuracy, sensitivity and selectivity (also ppb, levels) with no need of frequent maintenance and calibration.

Monitoring parameters such as PM, HCl, HF, NH3, SO2, CO,O2, CO2,NOx, VOC,etc;.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System

IAQ most of us have no idea what’s in air we breathe, there might also be a particular chemical or particle that we interested in. some of the major consider are dust, VOC and CO2.

Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.

Process Monitoring & Control Instruments

Industries require combination of process monitoring and control instruments. Sensync offers wide range of process instruments for Temperature,Pressure ,Flow ,Level, Recorders and Indicators with high accuracy, reliable and rugged for industrial application.

Accurate and stable process measurements ensure the safe reliable and profitable operation.

Automation & Data Recording System

We can log all the data’s through the cloud server and access the real time data’s from any part of the world to access our instruments with real time parameters. The graphical representation and average values and high and low limits indicators.

Water Quality Monitoring System

SenSync offers wide range of parameters for wastewater, Raw Water, Industrial Waste Water, Sewage Water..

The most common method of measuring in situ water quality is with a multi-parameter water quality instrument.

Safety Monitoring System

These instruments will ensure the safety and health of your employees within workplace. SENSYNC will offer wide range of gas detectors for both fixed and portable versions..

Laboratory Instruments

Sensync offers Laboratory equipment refers to the various tools and equipment used by scientists working in a laboratory. Laboratory equipment is generally used to either perform an experiment or to take measurements and gather data.

Our Partners

We carry many well-known brands in our products from European, Asian and North America in our portfolio of products such as Madur, Fuji, Dr.Foedisch, Kimo, Senko, Alicat, Adtek, EYC and more which not only increase our company value and assets but also provide a diversity in our products to meet every customer’s needs. We just launched our own brand Pro-Sense in 2020 which is cost effective, reliable and user friendly to meet the world’s cut edge technologies to Indian Industries to the next level., and these products have gained a good reputation and customer base in Indian Markets.


We serve all the major key industries in Indian sectors for better effective solutions for industries like Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Power Plant, Automobile, Steel, Cement, Pharma, Aerospace, Education Institute, R&D centers and Food Industries, Marine, Manufacturing Industries, Nuclear Research,Residential, Construction, Water Treatment Plants, Onshore & Offshore from all scales of industries.Customer with high quality, cost effective, prompt and professional supplies & services.


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