• High-quality measurement sensors
    • Glass/plastic shaft versions
    • Variable insertion lengths
    • Fixed cable connection available as an option
    • High measuring accuracy, even at low temperatures
    • Good response speed
    • Stable measured values

Application: Industrial waste water treatment plant, drinking water treatment plant, other process water application,  municipal waste water treatment plant,  surface water application


    • Sensor Type: Convertible style combination ORP sensor.
    • Display: Large display with touch buttons.
    • Easy to operate
    • Low maintenance

Application: low conductivity samples, cooling towers, potable water treatment, wastewater treatment, chemical process control, plating baths, metals precipitation.


    • Two-electrode principle
    • Large selection of process connections
    • Versions that meet pharmaceutical requirements available with certificate

Application: Pure and ultra-pure water field, pharmaceutical industry, chemical, food technology, chip manufacturing, ion exchange plants, reverse osmosis plants


    • An integrated microprocessor eliminates the need for an external transmitter.
    • Sensor outputs options include: 4 – 20 mA, and digital protocols.
    • A variety of different cap designs are available depending on the installation
    • Measurements not influenced Carbon Dioxide, lipophilic compounds

Application: Industrial waste water treatment plant, other process water application, Municipal waste water treatment plant, Surface water application Etc.,


    • Optically confined sensing volume
    • Insensitive to ambient light when under water
    • selectable ranges
    • Optic feedback compensated for temperature drift and aging of optical components
    • Very low offset voltage does not require adjustment
    • Very low power requirements

Application: Pollution monitoring, water and waste water quality, sediment transport, ocean profiling, river and stream monitoring.